Democratic Republic of Congo and GE sign energy infrastructure agreement

The Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and General Electric have signed a memorandum of understanding in infrastructure projects enabling the increase in the supply of electric energy and health modernization programs.

The three-year MoU seeks to accelerate the economic and social development of the country.

Under the deal, GE will work with the government to explore power solutions that will increase electricity to the country’s grid to benefit thousands of households.

Speaking about the signing, GE Africa president and chief executive Farid Fezoua said: “Partnership with governments and local companies form a very important part of GE’s growth in Africa, and we are honoured today to collaborate with the government of the DRC as a key strategic partner for the country’s long-term development agenda. This gives us the opportunity to deliver innovative solutions to meet the unmet demand for the millions of citizens without electricity and those without access to quality healthcare.”

GE is currently involved in the rehabilitation of both the Inga IIB power plant and the Nseke Power Plant in the DRC.

GE first started operating in Sub-Saharan Africa over 120 years ago and in 2011 renewed its focus to meet Africa’s current and future needs. The company has signed MOUs with the governments of several countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, Ghana and now the DRC to develop infrastructure projects, including sustainable energy solutions as well as improving access to quality healthcare.

These MOUs involve significant investments in creating jobs and human capital development.

Image credit GE: Government of Democratic Republic of the Congo and General Electric Sign Infrastructure Agreement

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