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David Cameron indicates fewer wind and solar farms in UK

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has told a British newspaper that he expects fewer onshore wind and solar farms to be built in the country, after changes in planning regulations.

à‚  “In terms of onshore wind, where there’s a lot of concern, we have just set out new rules to make sure there are more community benefits and a tougher system,” Cameron told the Western Morning News. “I suspect there will be fewer schemes going ahead and I think we have got the right framework.”

à‚ Mr Cameron added that there was a case for continuing to review the incentives offered for renewable energy, and defended cuts to domestic and commercial solar-power projects, saying subsidies had been reduced as costs came down.

à‚ ‘There is a case for supporting different forms of renewable energy because we need to generate electricity safely in this country,” the newspaper quoted Cameron as saying. “But there’s always a case for looking at the individual subsidy regimes and checking we have got them right.”

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