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New technology generates and transports energy using thin air

Energy technology company CryomatiKs has unveiled a new solution simplifying sustainable energy generation and transportation. The company is using ‘the air that we breathe’ as a fuel to transport and produce low-carbon electricity.

Atmospheric air is chilled down into a liquid using off-peak low cost electricity, stored and then transported as a cold liquid to where energy is required.

CryomatikS then turns the liquid air back to its gaseous form using an expander, thus producing electricity in the process.

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The electricity can be used to power electric vehicles.

The technology also provides a unique portable energy generator which can be operated indoors.

Mark Cann, the CEO of CryomatiKs, said: “The technology itself has existed for decades and the basic components are already mature.

“Right now the UK and US electricity markets are planning on using large scale liquid air based industrial systems, thus the process is already proven.

“However, our patented methods and designs provide the greatest environmental improvement and mass-market potential by initially focusing on fleet vehicles, portable generators, and various types of recreational vehicles. Our Cryo based technology is a platform that can help enable many other technologies, including the goals of EVs 2.0 by offering zero emission technology for vehicles, while also providing 5 minute quick refueling, safe fuel delivery services, and high efficiency wireless charging.

“Liquid air provides the ability to create an unlimited amount of a non-toxic, non-flammable ‘fuel.’ Since air is available everywhere on the planet, the raw supply of the air cannot be controlled by any one entity, industry group, or country. The air is cleaner than when the process started so our designs help purify the air as well by removing existing pollution. How can anyone not be in favor of having cleaner air?”