A leading Australian climate change expert believes the country can be fully powered by renewable energy ‘within decades.’

“It’s only my gut feeling, but I would say (it will happen) within decades and not many,’ Chief climate commissioner Prof Tim Flannery told AAP, adding that prices were coming down and penetration was growing ‘massively’.

Renewables currently take up 10 per cent of Australia’s power generation mix, but that figure is expected to grow to 25 per cent by 2020.

Professor Flannery insists there’s ‘no doubt’ Australia will end up with 100 per cent renewables sooner rather than later.
Tim Flannery
The Climate Commission on Monday is to release a report examining renewable energy in Australia in which it suggests there is enormous potential but so far it’s under-utilised.

‘Solar PV and wind could be the cheapest forms of power in Australia for retail users by 2030, if not earlier, as carbon prices rise,’ the report states.

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