Chocolate factory powers up with on-site solar

Fawdon solar

A 500 kW solar system has been installed on the roof of the Nestlé factory at Fawdon in the northeast UK.

The site, which manufactures products such as Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles and Rolo, will generate around 1.5% of its total energy requirements from the solar plant. Output from the 1970 solar panels, along with energy from an on-site anaerobic digestion plant, will be fed into the factory power network for use on site.
Fawdon solarà‚ 

The solar panel project at Fawdon forms part of Nestlé UK’s roadmap to support the company’s global commitment to procure 100% electrical energy from renewable power sources and the company’s UK carbon reduction target of 40% by 2020.

Andrew Griffiths, Head of Environmental Sustainability, Nestlé UK & Ireland said: ‘Nestlé is continuously making efforts to improve the environmental performance of our operations. As part of our global commitment to procure 100 per cent of electrical energy from renewable sources we are looking at potential solar-powered sources on a site-by-site basis.’

He added: ‘We’re assessing output and performance to determine whether we roll it out across the whole of the UK.’

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