With Japan’s nuclear reactors currently the subject of a debate over their future, Chinese companies are eager to provide renewable energy alternatives. In particular, Goldwind Science and Technology Company and Yingli Green Energy Holding Company are actively pursuing wind and solar power opportunities in the country.

The Chinese government has committed public funds towards improving the international competitiveness of manufacturers of renewable energy facilities.

Li Li, assistant to the president of Goldwind, said that the company will put greater emphasis on overseas markets. It announced a collaboration with the Japanese wind power company Wind-Smile, and was preparing to export its products to Japan.

According to Wind-Smile, the prices of Goldwind products are less than half of those of equivalent Japanese products.

Shuzo Fukudome, president of Wind-Smile, said Goldwind products will substantially improve costs, one factor that has limited the wide use of wind power in Japan. As the Wind-Smile will install a 30 MW Goldwing facility near Ishikari, Hokkaido, as the first step.

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