Voith has announced the commissioning of the first of three Francis turbine-generators, with an installed capacity of 784 MW, at Xiluodu hydropower plant in China.

The Xiluodu plant, which lies on the Jinsha River experienced a successful 72-hour test run,  prior to Voith’s handover to China Three Gorges Corporation. With 784 MW the output of the generator-turbine unit in Xiluodu is higher than that of the world’s largest hydropower plants and consequently sets new standards.

Hydroelectric power
Upon completion, the total capacity of the three Voith units for Xiluodu will correspond approximately to the output of Germany’s largest nuclear power plant.

Voith Hydro Management Board chairman Roland Münch said the commissioning of the first turbine generator is a milestone towards the first one-gigawatt unit.

When Xiluodu is fully connected to the grid in June 2014, it will have a nominal capacity of 13.86 GW with its altogether 18 machine units. This will make it the world’s third largest hydropower plant.

This hydropower project is expected to generate clean electricity, by cutting down 150 million tons of CO2, 480,000 tons of nitrogen dioxide and 850,000 tons of sulphur dioxide per year.

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