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China’s LONGi to power global operations with 100% renewables by 2028

The world’s largest mono-crystalline PV products manufacturer LONGi has announced an 8-year roadmap to achieve 100% renewable energy use for its global operations by 2028.

The group has jointly launched RE100 China Initiative with renewable energy leaders in China.

LONGi Group will follow a 5-stage roadmap, including solid actions like improving energy use efficiency among its global factories.

The group will build new factories that have access to green electricity and more PV power stations for self-use, as well as prioritise green electricity use internally and among stakeholders.

The solar pv company has relocated some of their manufacturing facilities to Yunnan Province in southwestern China, from the regions mainly powered by fossil-fuel generated electricity, to areas that are mostly powered by hydropower.

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LONGi built factories in China’s Yunnan Province and Malaysia’s Kuching, where hydropower was abundant and cheap.

LONGi will achieve 70% renewable electricity use by 2027 and ultimately reach 100% for its global operations by 2028.

In 2019 alone, LONGi Group consumed 189,243,000kWh of electricity globally, 47.14% of which came from renewable sources.

Mr. Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi Group, said: “We are proud to announce our RE100 roadmap for 100% renewable energy use. LONGi Group, as a global company dedicated to solar technology and manufacturing, will work closely with The Climate Group and our partners to deliver this green commitment. We hope to shoulder more responsibilities for global energy transition.

“Through this process, LONGi can fully influence our supply chain partners and our customers by delivering the RE100 initiative. LONGi will play by example to promote more industries to focus on clean energy, and LONGi is happy to provide technology solutions and support for those who have the same ambition.”