Rodrigo Alvarez, Chile’s minister of energy, announced the promotion of clean energy pilot projects during a visit to the Aysén region, where the Hidro Aysén hydropower project is planned.

“Our goal is to substantially increase the proportion of renewable and non-conventional energy in the national energy matrix, and for that, we are studying some parliamentary initiatives that will enhance wind, tidal and geothermal power,” he said.

Both public pressure towards developing more non-hydro renewable energy and progress on specific projects have been building in Chile, he said. A commission made up of academics, technical experts, environmentalists and officials have published an analysis of the nation’s electricity system, calling for greater use of renewable energy to help mitigate fluctuations in prices.

In addition, a local government body in the Tarapaca region of Chile has approved environmental impact statements for 275 MW of solar PV projects, including a 250 MW PV plant.

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