Chilean electric generator becomes leader in Peru

Nov. 13, 2000 (à‚–The main Chilean electric generator, Endesa, informed that its filial Edegel became the leader of the electric sector of Peru, soon after a new productive unit was put into operation.

An official statement of Endesa Chile pointed out that Edegel reached the supremacy, after inaugurating the Hydroelectric Power station of Chimay, capable of producing 149 megawatts, making production capacity of the Company reach 1.025 megawatts.

It was also added that Chimay, located in the central forest of Peru, some 450 kilometers from Lima, needed an investment of 220 million dollars, and includes 120 kilometers of transmission lines that will unite the Power station with the Peruvian interconnected system.

Edegel, which supplies electricity to Lima, is controlled by the consortium Generandes, led by Endesa of Chile, and seconded by the firms Peruvian Bank Wiese Sudameris, and the manufacturer Grana and Montero.

Previously, the biggest electricity generater in Peru was the state Electroperu that controls the Hydroelectric El Mantaro, that has a capacity of 1.008 megawatts.

According to Endesa Chile, Chimay, along with the Central Yanango, makes up the global project of Chinango that has required total investment of 200 million dollars.

Edegel that operates eight power stations in Peru, obtained revenues for sales of 113.4 million dollars in 1999, and some net profits for 42.5 million dollars, according to official data.

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