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Chile pursues renewables with first tender in 2013

Chile is seeking to launch the first tender for renewable energy projects as early as next year, the country’s undersecretary of energy Sergio de Campo told Business News Americas.

“We are working on the creation of tenders that will be carried out from the first half of 2013. The idea is to make technologies compete for energy blocks which have been previously defined through studies,” de campo told reporters on the sidelines of the Acera renewable energy conference in Santiago.

“These studies need to investigate what are the capacities of the transmission system in different sectors, to be able to define the size of the blocks we will be tendering. Today we still have restrictions in some parts of the transmission system, so we need to identify where projects can be connected.”

Approximately 430MW in renewable energy capacity is currently in place across Chile’s central SIC and northern SING power grids, mostly mini-hydro and wind power plants.

However, the country is also seen as having an enormous potential in solar energy and geothermal

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