Ceremony marks beginning of hydro dam in Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey, Oct. 24, 2000 (Anadolu Agency)à‚–The foundation of the Kirazlikopru Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant was scheduled to be laid with a ceremony on October 23.

The State Water Works (DSI) said on Saturday that Deputy Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz attended the ceremony.

It said that the dam would prevent any flood in the city-center of Bartin province and almost one thousand hectares of arable field in Eastern Black Sea region.

It said that the dam and power plant would be constructed on the Bartin (Gokirmak) River and have a 2 million 200 thousand cubic meters volume.

DSI added that the dam would prevent any flood in Bartin city-center, irrigate 2 thousand 113 hectares of land in Bartin and produce 41 million kwh energy a year.

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