Over 170 green businesses have signed a letter to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to do more to support the renewables sector, with industry chiefs disturbed by what they see as negative treatment from the Treasury.

The Guardian reports that the letter, drafted by the Renewable Energy Association, calls for a public declaration of support for green energy and a resolution of the uncertainty that surrounds government plans for renewable power subsidies.

David Cameron and George Osborne

They are worried that recent government U-turns on support for renewables are putting off much-needed investment in the sector.

The letter also draws from the Olympic spirit requesting that Cameron urgently needs to “to deliver a united ‘Team GB’ effort to secure the UK’s place as a world leader in green skilled jobs and technology. Massive investment in renewable energy is taking place across Europe and Asia and the UK cannot afford to miss out – neither can we afford to miss our carbon targets.”

In a speech to potential overseas investors in UK energy on Tuesday, the chancellor failed to mention green energy at all, instead emphasizing the place of gas well into the next decade, saying “There is no better example of the significant contribution that [the energy] sector makes to our economy than the UK oil and gas industry. This has long been one of our great industrial success stories.”

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