UK environmental charity Cambridge Carbon Footprint (CCF) has announced plans for an event to open a series of eco homes for public viewing to encourage on-site heat and power as part of its advocacy of sustainable, low-energy, living.

The 18 low-energy homes include both new-build and retrofit. They will be open to the public for the householders to show and explain the energy-saving features of their homes, including the pros and cons and how to get the best out them to save on energy bills and carbon emissions.

Demonstrating a range of eco-renovation technologies, from underfloor heating to wood burners, the results of a survey of 2013 Open Eco Homes attendees showed that 42% said they would install renewable energy systems such as solar thermal or heat pumps.

‘By giving visitors the chance to chat to the homeowners there is a real opportunity to share ideas and gain inspiration,’ Cambridge MP Julian Huppert reportedly said.

Now in its fifth year, among the houses open to the public on 14-20 September include a property on Madingley Road (pictured), which features a 50W whole house heat recovery system a ground-source heat pump from Kensa, wood burning stove and a solar hot water system from Thermomax producing 1633 KWh/year.