Bulgarian government faces potential lawsuit after renewables tax imposed

Bulgarian wind and solar energy developers are up in arms after the country’s regulator decided to impose an additional fee on the sector, threatening to push renewable energy firms into bankruptcy.

According to Recharge News the new fee “plunged a knife into the heart of its renewables sector, leaving development dead in the water for the next few years,” and developers are now considering taking their dispute with the Bulgarian energy regulator to court.

Delyan Dobrev - Bulgaria's energy minister
There is speculation that the new grid-access charge could amount to a 39 per cent retroactive grid tax for PV operators.

The reason behind the tax appears to be down to unprecedented success for renewables in the country, which has meant the ageing national power grid is unable to handle the energy being created.

Investors are now discussing potential suits on the grounds that there was no public discussion prior to the government move as well as allegations that the regulator breached competition rules, thereby abusing its position.

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