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Brussels opts for lenient approach to Chinese solar issue

The European Commission has decided to impose an 11.8 per cent tariff on Chinese solar power panels, a quarter of the expected rate, in a move that is being seen as a reprieve for Chinese manufacturers.

The Commission has however warned that, unless China changes its approach, Europe will go ahead and impose the 47.6 per cent duty in August.
“Certainly more volume will be available on the market again. That is very helpful as supply is currently very short in Europe,” said Frans van den Heuvel, chief executive of the UK-based SolarCentury supplier and developer. But he added: “Clearly two months is not a long period and it continues the uncertainty in the long run.”

Though the commission says duties will average 47.6 per cent, the size of the tariffs varies from 37.2 per cent to 67.9 per cent, depending on the extent to which Chinese companies are deemed to have co-operated with the EU anti-dumping investigation.

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