ZeroPoint Clean Tech is teaming up with German firm Envirotherm to build combined heat and power plants.

“We are excited about this important step forward in the biomass gasification market,” ZeroPoint CEO John Gaus said in a news release. “To date, many project developers have experienced difficulty in arriving at optimal technical solutions as well as aligning proper resources to reliably construct and commission operating projects. As a result, it is also difficult for small developers to achieve financing or for interested customers to get the [combined heat-and-power] plant they desire.”

Envirotherm has the gasification expertise to build standardized plants in Europe and North America, Gaus said. Two of the plants are currently online in Europe and construction is set to start on eight more by the end of the year.

ZeroPoint provides biomass technology to generate renewable energy and sequester carbon. The company is developing distributed biomass projects in North America and has joint-venture relationships in Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, South America, and Southeast Asia, according to the Central New York Business Journal.

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