Work begins on UK eco town fueled by biomass CHP

Work has officially got under way at the new community of Cranbrook in Devon, UK, where a state-of-the-art GBP25 million (US$40 million) energy centre supplying both heat and hot water will serve the new town.

Germany’s E.ON is responsible for the design and operation of the heat distribution network and energy centre, including heat interface units that will pipe heat into the individual homes and commercial premises.

The energy centre will be located on the GBP120 million Skypark development and will supply heat and hot water to both the community of Cranbrook and the Skypark.

The low-carbon heat source will change as the developments grow, with gas-fired boilers being supplemented by gas-fired CHP and later by biomass fuelled CHP.

The company estimates that the biomass CHP, which will also generate electricity for the national grid, will provide an estimated 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide saving per year for the first 2900 homes at Cranbrook.

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