Virtual Media Holdings Inc., which is to change its name to that of the recently acquired subsidiary Biomass Secure Power Inc., has announced plans to develop up to 10 biomass-fired cogeneration systems across North America by 2015.

Applications are now underway for construction of the first plant in Abbotsford, in Canada’s British Columbia. Completion and start up of this 10 MW CHP plant is expected to be late 2010.

Revenues will be generated from a 20-year contract with BC Hydro under their Standing Offer Program and the sale of hot water heat to nearby greenhouses. A matching 20-year lease has been secured with an un-named greenhouse company. The plant will use wood destroyed by the pine beetle as fuel. A second greenhouse located close by is also interested in purchasing hot water, Biomass Secure Power says.

In addition, the company is also currently developing a project in southern California, although Jim Carroll, Biomass Secure Power’s chief executive officer, said details of the facility will be released once the project is finalized in spring 2009. Management has held a meeting with a stable company in Southern California which is looking to bring in 2000 race horses. The company intend to use the horse manure and waste paper products as a fuel while an opportunity exists to bring in additional fuel, possibly brush wood.

They will provide a location on their property to build the plant while hot water will be used heat and cool a hotel located on the property. The electricity produced will be sold directly to them and excess power will be sold into the grid. This project is on hold until March 2009 at which time another meeting will be held to discuss the viability of proceeding with the project.
Biomass Secure Power is also assessing the possibility of building a power plant and perhaps a pellet mill to supply fuel for future power plants in BC.