Valmet to supply a waste-to-energy boiler to Lidkàƒ¶ping Energi, Sweden

Valmet will supply a waste-fired steam boiler to Lidkàƒ¶ping Energi AB in Lidkàƒ¶ping, Sweden.

The boiler will have a thermal capacity of 20 MW and will be based on Valmet’s bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology with Advanced Combustion Zone (ACZ) for highly efficient low-emission control.

The boiler will be able to run on a very wide fuel mix, including industrial waste, refuse-derived fuel (RDF), biomass and municipal waste.

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With the new boiler, the company will be able to convert 130,000 tons of waste per year into district heat, industrial hot water, industrial steam and electricity, while also ensuring an environmentally safe disposal of harmful residues.

The new boiler from Valmet will replace two 35-year-old boilers, and Lidkàƒ¶ping Energi will also take other steps to increase the recovery of energy from the fuel. When all upgrades are in place, the annual production of electricity can be doubled. The new boiler is scheduled to start up in 2021.

Increased electricity production in Lidkàƒ¶ping will lower global greenhouse gas emissions from electricity production based on fossil fuels.

“We are very proud of the improvements we will make. We will be more cost-efficient, produce more energy and, most importantly, improve our environmental footprint. Our environmental standards are already among the very best in the world, but now, we will take another step forward. We have good experiences of Valmet’s technology, but still for this investment, we followed a strict evaluation process to make sure that we got the best solution we could find,” says Stina Bergenheim, CEO at Lidkàƒ¶ping Energi.

“The boiler from Valmet represents proven technology that meets the EU’s Industrial Emissions Directive requirements by a wide margin. I am excited about the project and look forward to realizing it together with Lidkàƒ¶ping Energi,” says Anders Victorén, Sales and Project Manager at Valmet.

Valmet will supply the entire boiler unit with auxiliary equipment, such as fuel and ash systems. The delivery includes erection, commissioning, training and start-up.

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