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Montana University in US awaits decision on CHP plant

The Missoula, Montana, City-County Health Department has delayed the decision to grant an air quality permit for the University of Montana’s biomass gasification CHP plant for an additional 30 days.

A decision was originally expected on 17 November but the county health wants additional time to review the application and vote on it.

The US$16 million CHP plant will employ a Nexterra Systems gasifier and will consume about 15,500 dry tons per year of woody biomass.

It is expected to be operational in the second quarter of 2013, producing 700 kW of power and 34,000 pounds of heat per hour.

In addition, the university will incorporate the gasification system into the curriculum for the College of Technology’s energy technician and forestry programmes.

The campus currently uses a district heating system with a central heating plant containing three natural gas-fired boilers.

The university’s current CHP facilities provide around 5% of the campus’s electrical consumption while Northwestern Energy provides the remainder of the campus’ electrical requirements.

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