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Plans for $328m waste to energy plant at seaport

Plans have been unveiled for a à‚£250m ($328m) waste-to-energy plant at one of the UK’s busiest ports.

Redcar Bulk Terminal is on the South Bank of the River Tees on the northeast coast of England.

Yorkshire-based waste management company PMAC Energy has secured 25 acres of the terminal’s land for the waste-to-energy plant, which is hoped to be operational by 2021, when it would produce waste-derived fuels and generate electricity for more than 56,000 homes in the area.

Redcar Bulk Terminal’s road, rail and port facilities offer access to both the UK and European waste markets. Up to 500,000 tonnes of refuse-derived fuels would pass through the plant each year, with 150,000 tonnes of this exported to cement and energy plants across the world.

The plant would be free from government subsidies and financial support, and following commissioning it would operate as an entirely commercial entity.à‚