All news, projects, research, and contracts relating to biomass, bioenergy, waste-to-energy or biogas projects. This category explores how electricity is generated or heat produced by burning organic fuel types, such as plant and animal material and the resulting products such as biodiesel or biofuel. Posts will highlight how this renewable energy source is energy efficient and emissions free and will include updates concerning boilers and turbines.

Year-old biomass gas process may be more efficient than expected

A year-old biomass gasification process developed by Atlanta-based Future Energy Resources Corp. (FERCO) to help utilities meet their renewable energy requirements has been found to be even more efficient than first anticipated.

Allegheny Energy Supply Receives $2.4 Million Grant From DOE for Biomass...

Allegheny Energy Supply has been selected for award of a $2.4 million research and development cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Energy for a biomass project at its Willow Island Power Station in Pleasants County, W.Va.

Biomass Gasification Milestone Heralds Breakthrough in Renewable Energy Production

Atlanta-based Future Energy Resources Corp. has achieved a major milestone in commercializing the SilvaGas process, its biomass gasification technology, by successfully operating its commercial scale demonstration plant in Burlington, Vermont.

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