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Luxembourg invests $63m in cogeneration projects

Luxembourg has launched three new sustainable energy projects midweek, as it aims to reach its 2020 target.

Cogeneration is a focal point for two of the projects being developed.Kronospan CHP

In Sanem, Austrian firm Kronospan will invest EUR37m ($43m) in its cogeneration plant so that it is fuelled by tree bark and other organic waste as opposed to gas. It should produce 40 MW and reduce annual CO2 generation by 60,000 tonnes.

Meanwhile in Kirchberg, LuxEnergie is to invest EUR20m ($22m) to convert its cogeneration plant on boulevard JF Kennedy. This conversion will mean the centre is 50 percent fuelled by renewable biomass, saving 8.2 million cubic metres of gas per year and reducing annual CO2 emissions by 22,000 tonnes.

The projects as a whole are expected to help the country achieve a fifth of its 2020 target. Luxembourg pledged to ensure that 11 percent of all energy consumed in Luxembourg comes from sustainable sources by the end of the decade.