Los Angeles CHP plant to switch to lipo-fuel

Combined heat and power
Combined heat and power

A combined heat and power (CHP) plant powering a medical office building in Los Angeles, California, US is to run on body fat siphoned from Hollywood stars through a process known as liposuction.

Dr Lena Lux, whose office door reads ‘Liposuctionist to the Stars’ and who says she has performed 2952 such procedures since 2012, estimates that her business could save up to $4 million per year in fuel costs by recycling the fat, which is currently sent to a lab for disposal.

The office building’s existing CHP plant, installed in 2007, runs on natural gas to supply 260 kW of power and 1.6 million BTU of heat. Energy firm Power2thePPL, which won the contract to undertake the conversion, says switching to burning human fat will not be that much more complex than switching to biomass.

‘As a leading developer of biomass-fuelled energy systems, Power2thePPL has extensive experience of designing, supplying, installing, operating and maintaining this technology,’ said CEO Susan Rage. ‘Biomass energy is produced by burning plant and animal matter including animal by-products and general waste,’ she continued, ‘so human by-products would not be that much of a stretch’.

Dr Lux says she plans to build a café, lounge and movie theatre in the building’s foyer. She foresees that fans will want to come to the building so that their favourite film stars can warm their bodies as well as their hearts.

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