London mayoral candidate backing CHP for Battersea

Green Party mayoral candidate Jenny Jones is advocating a combined heat and power future for iconic Battersea Power Station.
Battersea Power Station
Business Green reports that both the Green Party and the UK Green Building Council have championed the idea of restoring the Battersea Power Station, only this time fuelled by sustainable biomass and including combined heat and power technology.

Jenny Jones, leader of the London Green Party, suggested the heating and cooling could be exported to homes and businesses in the surrounding area, namely the Vauxhall Nine Elms regeneration area to the immediate east.

“While PV and groundwater technologies could play a part, the main source would probably either by biomass brought in by river to a new wharf, or biogas from food waste.” she said. “It could be a fantastic symbol of London generating its own energy again.”

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