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Keppel in waste to energy plays

Subsidiaries of Keppel Integrated Engineering Limited (KIE) have secured two contracts worth nearly S$120 million respectively in Guadeloupe and Honduras for the development of waste-to-energy plants.

In Guadeloupe, an overseas region of France, Keppel Seghers Belgium will design and build a new waste-to-energy plant to be built for an environmental services company under the Spanish construction group ACS (Actividades de Construccion y Servicios).

When completed in 2011, the plant will treat up to 130,000 tonnes per year of household, hospital and industrial waste to generate steam and electricity.

The Guadeloupe plant will feature the proprietary Air-Cooled Grate technology, horizontal boiler design, an integrated prism and a dry flue gas cleaning system with catalytic SCR deNOx technology. The civil works for the plant will be managed by ACS subsidiary Urbaser.

In Honduras, Keppel Seghers Argentina will design and build turnkey mechanical and electrical works for the first stage construction of the Bahia de Tela Waste Water Treatment Plant. Expected to be completed by 2009, the facility will treat 1650 cubic metres of waste water per day.