GE to install CHP facility for Italian manufacturer

GE is to install a superheated water wood boiler and two 125-kilowatt Clean Cycle heat-to-power organic rankine cycle (ORC) generators at a furniture manufacturing plant in Brugnera, in the northern province of Pordenone, Italy.

ICM Spa, who makes doors and other furniture, is to power its factory using the new biomass boiler system, which converts the factory’s wood waste into renewable energy to heat and power.

Organic rankine cycle (ORC)
GE’s Clean Cycle solutionࢀ”which also includes piping, heat exchangers, a cooling tower and service supportࢀ”converts excess heat from the boiler generation into 200 kW of net electrical energy that is sold to the grid, capitalizing on a feed-in tariff to generate additional revenue.

GE is presenting ICM’s Clean Cycle project and other innovative energy applications at this week’s Ecomondo international sustainable materials and energy trade fair in Rimini, Italy.

“Our biomass boiler system with GE’s Clean Cycle technology greatly enhances our factory’s industrial sustainability by allowing us to sell electricity to the regional grid, creating an important new revenue source,” said Bruno Silvestrin, owner of ICM. “This project illustrates our commitment to technological innovation within Italy’s home furnishings sector.

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