Dow opts for CHP at Brazil factory site

Brazilian biomass developer Energias Renovaveis do Brasil (ERB) is set to invest up to US$1.3 billion to build an on-site cogeneration plants across Brazil.

The company is currently building a CHP plant that will provide electricity and thermal energy for Dow Chemical’s Aratu Complex factory in Bahia state.

ERB has planted 1200 hectares of trees at Aratu since May out of a planned 8000 hectares to provide fuel, and the plant will go into operation by the end of 2012.

The factory will be the first petrochemical facility powered by wood, mainly from eucalyptus trees, in Brazil.

The $190 million project will generate 13 MW of electricity and another 100 MW of thermal energy that will generate process steam.

Dow says that switching to biomass will let the chemical company save 200,000 m3 of natural gas a day.

The Aratu factory makes materials for automotive, building and industrial applications.

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