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Doosan à… koda upgrades steam turbine at Swedish biomass plant

Doosan à… koda engineers and site operators teamed up to overhaul the DST-G20 steam turbine at a Swedish biomass power plant.

The overhaul happened in the Swedish city of Vaxjàƒ¶, where utility Vàƒ¤xjàƒ¶ Energi AB operates the 39MW unit generating electricity and heat for about 100,000 residents in the city. à‚ 

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Doosan à… koda Power engineers from Pilsen examined the turbine set during an annual inspection visit. Following the inspection recommendations, the engineers and the power plant operator, Vàƒ¤xjàƒ¶ Energi AB, agreed to implement an overhaul of the DST-G20 steam turbine.

“Parts wear out on practically every generating unit that is used daily and regularly exposed to high temperatures and pressure. With proper maintenance, the turbine can serve for many years, which is why we offerà‚ long post-warranty serviceà‚ with the option of overhauls and replacement of worn parts,”à‚ says Jan Houdek, project manager at Doosan à… koda Power.

Crews disassembled the machinery, repaired some parts and replaced others. Parts which could not be repaired on-site, such as the rotor, inner casing and stator guide wheels, were sent the company’s home operations in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

The steam unit was re-assembled and commissioned for a return to action this month.

Originally published by power-eng.com