US-based Lockheed Martin Energy and UK-headquartered CoGen Ltd are to co-operate on developing energy-from-waste projects in the UK, the two firms announced this week.

First on the agenda will be a 15 MW facility in Cardiff, Wales, which is planned to process around 150,000 tonnes of landfill waste per year.

Construction is planned to start in 2018 and the facility is expected to be operational in 2020.

CoGen will own and develop the project, with Lockheed Martin leading the engineering, procurement, manufacturing and construction.

In addition, the two firms said they plan to jointly pursue similar projects as well as opportunities to develop commercial- and industrial-scale energy-from-waste projects throughout the UK.

CoGen says its gasification process is able to recover 4.5 MWe to 25 MWe of power as well as process heat for commercial and industrial applications.

Frank Armijo, vice president of Lockheed Martin Energy, said the Cardiff project would ‘further showcase how bioenergy technologies can help reduce waste, decrease pollution and generate clean, renewable energy’, adding that ‘We’re excited to team with CoGen on this and we’re looking forward to other projects where we can help businesses, manufacturers and UK governments address their critical waste and energy challenges.’

Ian Brooking, CoGen CEO, added: ‘Cardiff will be the first of a pipeline of projects that over the coming decade will see local, smaller-scale generation play a bigger part in delivering the UK’s energy requirements.’