Keppel Seghers Belgium N.V. has secured a €34 million turnkey contract for a CHP waste-to-energy plant owned by Amotfors Energi AB in Amotfors, Sweden.

When completed in 2010, the plant will process close to 70,000 tonnes of waste per year to generate steam and electricity. Amotfors Energi has entered into a 20-year agreement to supply steam and electricity to Amotfors Bruk’s papermill operations. Eventually the plant will also be able to supply district heating to neighbouring industries and buildings.

With the exception of civil works, the plant will be entirely designed and built by Keppel Seghers and will feature proprietary Air-Cooled Grate, vertical boiledesign and semi-dry flue gas cleaning system. The plant will also be equipped with fully automatic refuse and ash handling cranes, minimising the number of operators needed.

Amotfors Energi has been formed as a single purpose company to build and operate the CHP waste-to-energy plant. Amotfors Energi is owned 37.5% by Nordic Paper through its wholly-owned subsidiary Amotfors Bruk. Keppel Seghers Holding B.V. will take up a 22% equity stake with a total investment in both equity contributions and loans amounting to SKr35.2 million (US$8.1million).

The remaining shares are owned in equal parts by three financial institutions.

Mr Chua Chee Wui, Chief Executive Officer of Keppel Integrated Engineering, said: ‘With escalating energy prices, businesses are keen to explore alternative energy sources including renewable and/or green energy. Waste can be an effective supplementary source of green energy for businesses to tap on so as to reduce their dependency on traditional energy sources.’