‘Biggest battery in Nordics’ put in biomass plant

A lithium-ion battery said to be the biggest in the Nordic countries has gone into operation today for storage use at Fortum’s Jarvenpaa biomass power plant.

Installed as part of Fortum’s so-called Batcave project, a $1.6m ‘battery cave’ which is a construction container equipped with the latest battery technology and created as a test environment for new ideas.

The battery’s nominal output is 2 MW, its energy capacity 1 MWh and it consists of approximately 6600 lithium-ion cells. It has been supplied by French battery company Saft.

“Our Batcave project takes us a big step closer towards the solar economy, where electricity storage plays an important role alongside renewable energy production forms,” said Tatu Kulla, head of business development at Fortum.

“The electricity battery brings flexibility to the national electricity market, benefitting all electricity users. In addition to storing electricity, the Batcave project allows us to test completely new ideas for optimal control of the battery together with other flexible electricity production forms.”

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