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Biofuelled CHP plant for UK Port of Dover

REG Bio-Power, a subsidiary of the UK’s Renewable Energy Generation, has signed a five year contract with the Port of Dover to supply electricity and heat from its biofuel-fired CHP system at the Port.

Under the terms of the agreement, REG Bio-Power will install a 150 kW Volvo Genset to supply a proportion of the Port’s annual heat and electrical demand, which totals around 6-8 MW. Upon successful implementation of this project, both parties have agreed to discuss a further roll out of similar operations across the Port. Construction of the first plant is underway.

Bio-Power says it is meeting a growing demand for decentralized electricity on industrial and commercial sites, using its proprietary fuel, known as LF100, which is refined from used vegetable cooking oil to produce renewable, carbon-neutral electricity.

The agreement with the Port of Dover, REG Bio-Power’s first independent commercial CHP contract, has fixed electricity prices for the first three years. The heat and electricity produced makes the scheme eligible for government-backed financial support, in the form of two Renewable Obligation Certificates per MWh generated.