The French Electricity Report was published last week by France‘s transmission system operator Reseau de Transport d’Electricite (RTE), and solar power generation has seen an increase by 66.7 per cent, compared to 2011.

In total, solar photovoltaic systems generated 4 TWh in 2012
Solar power
In comparison with other types of energy, says the report, solar accounted for a relatively small proportion of France’s overall power generation, with just 0.79 per cent of France’s electricity demand in 2012.

It adds that cumulative installed photovoltaic capacity in the country has now reached 3.5 GW, of which 1.022 GW were installed last year.

Overall, the share of renewable energy in France’s energy mix increased to 16.4 per cent, which says RTE, is the highest value recorded for five years. Meanwhile, nuclear generation was said to be down by 3.8 per cent compared with 2011. However, it still accounts for 74.8 per cent of total energy generation.

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