Already on the receiving end of probes in the US and Europe, the Chinese government may now be subject to fresh anti-dumping investigations, this time by India.

Beijing is keen to bring solar panel makers from both China and India to the table to discuss and resolve trade frictions, according to state-run Xinhua.
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Reacting to reports that panel makers in India filed applications for an anti-dumping investigation against solar panels made in China and other countries, Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang said, “Producers from both countries should diffuse disputes through dialogue”, it said.

Earlier, he said companies from the two countries had agreed to conduct technology cooperation in this area.

“If the Indian authorities insist on launching probes into China-made solar panels, it will not only hurt the two country’s cooperation in the new energy sector, but will also cause harm to India’s local companies,” Xinhua quoted him as saying.

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