A large broadcast tower at Muswellbrook in New South Wales, Australia, is to run entirely on off-grid solar power following the introduction of battery storage technology.

With a 39 kWp solar power installation and a 8 kVA diesel back-up system for emergencies, the pilot project ensures solar power is captured via 216 kWh of battery storage during daylight hours, enabling 24 hour power to be supplied to the commercial site.
Australia solar 

Photon Energy has designed and delivered the project in association with the German Energy Agency, Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (Dena), and the Australian communications infrastructure company BAI using predominantly German technology featuring Q Cells solar panels, SMA inverters and BAE batteries.

The test site aims to demonstrate that renewable energy can provide genuine savings for corporations running remote sites in Australia and BAI is apparently considering a network-wide roll out of the technology across Australia.

Photon Energy Australia Managing Director Michael Gartner said, ‘Not only does the storage technology provide off-grid power or remove grid reliance in the areas where the grid costs the most, but it does this cost-effectively and without fossil fuel emissions.’