Australia’s rooftop solar brings grid demand to historic lows

Demand for grid power in the state of Western Australia has fallen to an eight-year low thanks in part to rooftop solar installations, Australian renewables news site ReNew Economy found.

Grid power demand fell to a record low of 1265 MW last Sunday during a midday interval when rooftop PV systems generated 420 MW.

And WA’s grid operator expects the growing amount of rooftop solar in the state to eventually reduce grid power demand to zero on some days. It is anticipated that PV systems could be installed on 90 per cent of businesses and two-thirds of homes within a decade.

Rooftop PV installations in WA are up 49 per cent this year on 2016 levels, with the state’s total capacity standing at 785 MW.

And the trend is seen in other states too. Figures from the Australian PV institute show over 380,000 rooftop systems installed in New South Wales, while a Climate Council report finds 14 postcodes in Queensland where 50 per cent of residential buildings have rooftop solar.

South Australia’s grid demand hit a record low in September, with just 588 MW used on a Sunday afternoon when rooftop PV generated over 700 MW.

Image credit:à‚ GHI Solar Map à‚© 2017 Solargis

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