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Asia Pacific in line to lead geothermal boom

More than 4 GW of geothermal power capacity are expected to come online worldwide between now and 2018, according to a new report.

The study by Navigant Research reveals that at the moment there are 56 projects in either active drilling or construction stages and all are in the US, the Philippines and Indonesia.

And Mackinnon Lawrence, principal research analyst with Navigant, says that the 4 GW figure could be just the tip of the iceberg: “This total includes only projects in advanced stages of development.à‚ A significant, though mostly unconfirmed, amount of capacity remains locked up in early-stage projects.à‚ As a number of these projects are further developed and their resource potential confirmed, the long-term pipeline ” 2017 and later ” is expected to expand proportionally.”

Navigant states that although the US leads all regions with the largest number of projects in the pipeline, the Asia Pacific has the most reported capacity under development, with a reported 7.4 GW currently in the pipeline, representing 40 percent of the global capacity under development.à‚ 

Latin America and Africa account for a combined 3.8 GW of additional capacity under development, equal to 20 percent of the global pipeline.