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Second utility-scale solar plant for Argentina

Argentina‘s second utility-scale solar power plant, and the first in the central province of San Luis, is now generating electricity.

The 1 MW Terrazas del Portezuelo plant (pictured) was commissioned in late October and now supplies power to a 4 ha area which includes government buildings.

Composed of 4080 250 W photovoltaic (PV) panels using six inverters from solar manufacturer Ingeteam, the system is able to vary the panels’ angle to receive maximum seasonal sunlight. Argentinian infrastructure firm Coradir built the plant and supplied its LED lighting, video monitoring system and SCADA controls.

Investment in the plant totalled ARS30m ($3.5m).

Under its proposed Renewable Energies Promotion and Development plan, San Luis province would aim to install 3 GW of PV power by 2030. The plan has been signed by San Luis’s governor and is currently awaiting approval by the region’s parliament.

According to local news reports, Argentinean developer Promotora de Energàƒ­a Sola SA also plans to build a 10 MW, $1.5m PV plant in the province.