An exclusive Pennwell survey of power generation chiefs polled at POWER-GEN Africa and Renewable Energy World Africa at Johannesburg in November shows a three way split in what is perceived to be the biggest obstacle to progress for energy growth on the continent.

38 per cent of those polled felt that governmental and regulatory barriers are holding back potential being fulfilled. A measure of the range of difficulties faced by power interests in the region is seen by the almost even split in the next two obstacles chosen.

32 per cent believed lack of finance is chiefly to blame while 29 per cent thought the shortage of a skilled workforce a real issue that needs to be tackled if Africa is to develop its power potential.

With 64 per cent of respondents seeing new power plant construction as the chief dynamic of the African power industry over the years to come, it seems essential that these three culprits are addressed in order for the continent to move forward.

62 per cent of patrons at POWER-GEN Africa saw hydroelectric power as an increasingly important source of power generation for Africa in the near future.

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