French offshore wind partnership Adwen and Danish wind OEM LM Wind Power have unveiled the world’s longest wind turbine blade.

The 88.4-metre blade (pictured) was designed for Adwen’s 8 MW turbine, which has a 180-metre rotor diameter.

The blade was manufactured at LM’s factory in Lunderskov, Denmark and is set to be transported to a validation testing facility in Aalborg.

The companies said the length of the blade is “the best compromise between swept area, energy production, and the weight as well as the loads transferred to the wind turbine” and that it had been designed to be scalable for future development of the 8-180 turbine.

Luis Alvarez, Adwen’s general manager, said: “When you are building the largest wind turbine in the world, almost everything you do is an unprecedented challenge. We are going where no one else has ever gone before, pushing all the known frontiers in the industry.

“Having developed and integrated together with LM Wind Power the first unit of the longest blade ever and being able to start testing is a key step forward in the development of our AD 8-180.”

Adwen is a joint venture between Areva and Spanish wind firm Gamesa, which announced last week that it is to merge with Siemens.   

Danish wind OEM Vestas’ V164 8MW turbine features an 80-metre blade, while the blade of Samsung’s S7.0 171 7MW model comes in at 83.5 metres.