ABB to deliver Aruba microgrid to help with renewables transition

ABB is set to provide a microgrid that will integrate wind and solar systems to power the Caribbean island of Aruba.

Under a deal with utility WEB Aruba, the microgrid will include embedded software, automation and control technologies with the aim of facilitating 24-hour forecasts and enabling the island to switch to a more renewables-based power system. à‚ 

The 180 square km island houses around 100,000 people and is a popular tourist destination with a peak power demand of 134 MW. WEB Aruba aims to generate half of its power from renewable sources and the other half from alternative fuels by 2020.

ABB said its microgrid will maximize the use of renewables while optimizing operations in real-time to accommodate changes in renewable output, load or generation availability. à‚ 

Massimo Danieli, head of ABB’s Grid Automation business, a part of the company’s Power Grids division, said the microgrid would “support the island of Aruba to integrate more renewables and maintain reliability and efficiency of power supplies to meet increasing demand for electricity”.

“The embedded software, automation and control technologies will also facilitate 24 hour forecasts and enable a stronger, smarter and greener grid,” he added.à‚ 

Image credit: Andrei Tilin, Wikimedia Commons

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