ABB supplies Jamaican microgrid

ABB has been contracted to provide a 24.5-MW microgrid facility and energy storage system to help integrate solar and wind into Jamaica‘s power supply, and reduce dependency on costly, imported fossil fuel.

The Swiss group said the facility will support power availability during periods of interrupted solar and wind sources due to clouds, low wind or other factors.

Jamaica is a large tropical island, whose population surges atà‚ peak tourist times and its hotels, restaurants and homes are heavily reliant on expensiveà‚ imported fossil fuel.

Emanuel DaRosa, president and chief executive of Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd (JPS), said this is one of the most significant projects for the utility this year and added it will be a model for other countries in the Caribbean and beyond. “ABB’s innovative technology will enable us to leverage clean renewables into our energy mix while securing grid stability and ensuring reliable power supply to consumers,” DaRosa said.

Renewables Now reports that JPS has integrated about 160 MW of renewable energy into the power grid, which represents about 25 per cent of its generation capacity.

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