7.8 GW Brazilian hydroelectric power plant denied approval

The Brazilian federal court has declined approval for the 7.8GW Sàƒ£o Luiz do Tapajàƒ³s hydroelectric plant.

Projected to be constructed in the Amazon region, the plant failed to secure the requisite environmental license as it is believed to adversely affect over 10,000 indigenous residents.
According to Brazil’s public prosecutor’s office, Judge José Airton de Aguiar Portela announced that the proposal lacked an adequate environmental impact appraisal and did not display concern for the indigenous tribes.

Sàƒ£o Luiz do Tapajàƒ³s, owned jointly by Eletrobras, Eletronorte, EDF and builder Camargo Corràƒªa, was scheduled to commence operations in December 2017.

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