Two thirds of respondents to a recent Power Engineering International (PEI) poll believe the UK treasury’s preference towards gas powered generation spells bad news for renewable power generation objectives.

Over 66 per cent of power industry respondents believe this would be the case.

The poll entitled “A letter from Green industry leaders has called on UK Prime Minister David Cameron to show more support for the renewables sector. But does the Treasury preference for gas powered generation mean dark times ahead for renewables?” was conducted on PEI’s web site.

Commenting on the poll on Power Engineering International LinkedIn group, Oxford-based energy journalist Nicholas Newman, (pictured) said the treasury’s apparent policy preference represent a long overdue wake up call for the renewables sector.

“I think it’s time for the renewable industry to grow up; it has had plenty of state featherbedding to turn long promised ambitions into commercially affordable products. Unfortunately, in this time of recession, it’s not only the taxpayer but also the customer that can no longer afford the renewable industries dreams.

Energy Journalist Nicholas Newman  For too long the renewable industry has been a costly cottage industry, it has not moved on to the next stage, like China has of large-scale cheap products. It is time for Europe’s renewable industry to consolidate, not only to meet Europe’s energy security and environmental ambitions but also its economic development goals of providing cheap, reliable energy to the European economy.”

“To put it bluntly, despite the environmentalist’s hype, Europe’s energy leadership needs to find a solution that is affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Mr Newman added that rather than seeing gas power as a threat, “renewables should see gas as complementary to meeting the needs of Europe’s energy market.”

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