22000 MW renewable energy project in Algeria

An agreement has been signed to develop a mammoth 22 000 MW of renewable energyà‚ in Algeria as part of the Desertec Industrial Initiative.

Algerian energy company Sonelgaz and the Desertec Industrial Initiative signed the agreement, which aims to install 22000 MWà‚ by 2030.

10000 MW of that energy will be exported to Europe.

The Desertec Industrial Initiative aims to harness the huge solar energy resources in Africa’s Saharan Desert, both for domestic use and for export to Europe. The Initiative is an industrial consortium that consists of 56 companies from 15 countries.

The long-term objective of the Desertec project is to meet 15 per cent of Europe’s electricity needs by 2050, and a substantial part of the demand in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Europe will give Algeria access to western technology and industry in order to reach its target.

Founding members of Desertec, whichà‚ was formed in 2009,à‚ include: ABB, Abengoa Solar, Cevital, Deutsche Bank, EON, HSH Nordbank, Muenchener Rueca, M+W Zander, RWE, Schott Solar and Siemens.

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