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    How companies can transform their energy management strategy


    As organisations become more aware of their need to tackle energy management, they are increasingly choosing renewables over the traditional energy grid as part of their strategy.

    Humanising the energy transition: Diversity and creativity as sources of innovation


    Back in the 1970s, numerous international aid organisations decided to tackle a huge sustainable energy issue. They wanted to find a new solution to the inefficient, hazardous and polluting cooking methods which were the only option for millions of people in the developing world.

    Lightbulb moment: how energy price cap highlights customer experience failings


    What are the core issues that the utility industry must address to improve customer experience for good?

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    Economic Potential of Small-Scale LNG power plants

    In this report, you can see the exciting potential of small-scale LNG power plants in supporting remote areas and islands ...

    Electrostatic Charge Generation in Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems

    The power-generation industry has seen a significant increase in the incidence of electrostatic charge generation in high ...

    Robust protection of environmental control systems: How vinyl ester linings can help defend against aggressive conditions experienced in FGD processes

    Today, Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD), the process which reduces the amount of sulfur dioxide released into the atmosphere...

    Digitalisation in Power Generation

    AVEVA partnered with market research experts Vanson Bourne on a study into digitalisation in the power industry. Written b...

    Global Surveys

    Power sector keen on greater engagement with drone technology

    A survey by Power Engineering International has shown a big appetite in the power and utilities sector to make use of drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. 

    Survey reveals majority of UK power sector not in favour of Brexit

    A strong majority of professionals working in the UK electric power industries do not believe Brexit will be positive for the sector.

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