GE Power is a world leader in power generation with deep domain expertise to help customers deliver electricity from a wide spectrum of fuel sources.

GE powersà‚ a growing world that counts on us to deliver every day.à‚ With a global network of dynamic knowledge sharing across 150à‚ countries, we support 40% of the world’s thermal power and provide total solutions and services for all power plant operations, including power plant fleet optimization and management.

We are transforming the electricity industry with the digital power plant, the world’s largest and most efficient turbines, full balance of plant, upgrade and service solutions as well as our data-leveraging software. Our innovative technologies and digital offerings help make power more affordable, reliable, accessible and sustainable.

Ourà‚ Fleet360*à‚ service structure is built around the different business model, whether it generates electricity for communities or powers for industrial business, or both.à‚ Every solution we build considers the plant’sà‚ entire systemic operations, no matter how complex integrating all the necessary equipment technologies.

Fleet360 applies to services,à‚ upgrades,à‚ repairs,à‚ parts,à‚ multi-year agreements,à‚ operationsà‚ and maintenance – as well asà‚ – for assets supplied by GE and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). With the largest power plant services portfolio in the industry, our cross-fleet approach allows us to support more than 90 OEM brands of gas and steam turbines, generators, boilers and other balance-of-plant equipment.

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