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Waste-to-energy CHP lessons from Europe Following foot steps

Several European countries are well ahead of the UK in terms of the development of waste- and bio-fuelled CHP plants for on-site energy generation. Here, Damian Shevloff describes how the proven track record of waste-to-energy CHP in Europe is beginning to set an example for Britain, starting in Scotland.

Warming for new Europe

District heating (DH) is a leftover of the centralized economic plan- ning, guided by the objective of providing universal access to housing and utilities ...

Pole position

As Europe prepares for the start of the emissions trading system, it is clear that success is by no means guaranteed. Poland, the largest of the new member states, is geared up to play the waiting game.

Made to measure?

Using operational experience from Baglan Bay, GE Energy has uprated the H System from 480 to 520 MW.

Emissions Control: German BOA plant is scrubbing up well

Neurath, a district of Grevenbroich in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has a long tradition in terms of energy.

The environmental legacy of the 2012 Games

There can be no doubt that the London 2012 Games have delivered a sporting legacy that will influence the UK's athletes for many years to come.

Efficiency breakthrough in solar thermal cells

Although thin-film photovoltaic (PV) cells offer the most usable solar energy per square metre of roof space, using them for photovoltaic-thermal (PV/T) ...

CHP modelling for grid stability

With an increasing share of local generation on European grids, new grid codes have been defined to ensure secure network operation. Within these grid codes, simulation models are often required to prove the compliance of a generation unit with the requirements of the codes. Eckehard Tröster looks at how these models are validated in Germany with regard to CHP installations.

The role of Micro CHP within a decarbonizing energy system

Natural gas-fuelled micro CHP will play a key role in the transitioning of the UK's electricity supply system towards low- and even zero-carbon generation over the next few decades. Initially to help provide security of supply and later to help optimize domestic heating systems, writes Jeremy Harrison.

Peràƒº con mucho gas

Cubriendo un área de aproximadamente 1.28 millones de kilómetros cuadrados y con unos 27 millones de habitantes, Perú cuenta con una de las industrias de la energía más dinámicas de Latinoamérica.